Club rules

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For a printed copy of the Club's rules & regulations, please contact Club secretary, Roger Burns.

Club rules & regulations

We like to keep members and visitors happy, so providing you are allowed under our conditions to enter the clubroom areas, and that you follow our rules, we should maintain our lively and happy clubroom atmosphere. Please feel free to email us with any queries that you may have.

Only existing full members, life members, lady social members and Club and Institute Union Affiliated members (CIU) can attend the club in their own right.

Other adult visitors (Over 18) may also attend the club providing they are signed in by a member or (CIU) affiliate who has not signed more than one other person into the clubroom at the same time.

Children may be brought into the clubroom by members and (CIU) Affiliate members at designated times and are not allowed access to certain areas such as the snooker room etc.

Children under 5 are now allowed in the Club on any day, up until 9.00pm.

Strict adherence to opening hours must be observed also adherence to notices posted in the clubroom regarding dress code etc.

Clean, tailored shorts (i.e. flyed shorts) may be worn in the hall at any time unless specifically stated by the committee. Vest type singlets are NOT allowed at any time.

Any bad behavior will not be tolerated including foul or abusive language, those behaving badly will be asked to leave the clubroom and may render themselves liable to forfeiture of membership or otherwise be banned from the clubroom.

Normal licensing rules apply regarding sale of intoxicating liquor, gambling etc.

Guest & CIU affiliates

CIU affiliated members and guests are welcome to most functions, although on some occasions that are expected to be fully subscribed by members the function may not be open to visitors. There is no charge for CIU affiliates who provide the correct CIU documentation on arrival upon signing in ie. Their own club membership card, affiliate card and annual passcard. The charge for visitors signed in by members or CIU affiliates is £1.00 per occasion paid at the door upon signing in.


Cheam Social Club Members who are also CIU affiliates can visit any affiliated CIU club within the UK. A CIU booklet can be purchased from the secretary at a cost of 5.00. This details all CIU clubs in the UK.

CIU Affiliates visiting Cheam Social Club can use all club facilities unless indicated otherwise in the clubroom.

Visitors signed in must retain a properly completed signing in slip whilst in the clubroom. The person signing them in must remain with them in the clubroom at all times. NOTE: Members who introduce a guest who misbehaves renders themselves liable to forfeiture of membership.

Safety: All visitors to the clubroom should acquaint themselves with the location of emergency exits and should vacate the building immediately should the emergency alarm sound or other instruction be given to vacate the building. Visitors are advised to read notices detailing safety arrangements which are posted around the clubroom.

Have a pleasant visit and enjoy our facilities

There will be no Pick the Joker on occasions when there is private hire in the hall