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Business Directory

Our Business Directory is an easy way for your potential customers to find you. Businesses have the choice of:

STANDARD listing for FREE

Features and benefits of a Standard directory listing:

  • Lets you supply complete and detailed information to your potential customers - see existing entries
  • Speedy search results, means our users are more likely to perform multiple searches using our directory
  • Excellent search engine coverage, as you can see if you use a search engine to list pages referenced from our site
  • Our pages are heavily bookmarked and we get many returning visitors

ENHANCED listing for £40 per annum

All the features of a Standard listing, plus:

  • Includes your logo and four images
  • Social Media links
  • You are featured on the directory page above Standard listings
  • Highlighted in eye catching bright yellow
  • Can include a Special Offer, which is advertised on key pages of the site inclduing the Home Page
  • Ability to update special offers and the content of your listing at any time via the easy to use interface

The Special Offer feature is currently free as part of the Enhanced Listing purchase. Limited period only.

Take a look at an enhanced business listing

Directory listings display in changing random order (Enhanced listings are given priority above Stanadard listings)

Special Offers displayed on the left of the website will rotate randomly once allotted ad space has been used up.

We can only accept payment via PayPal Subscription, so you’ll need a PayPal account to be able to create a directory listing (you can set one up during the subscribe process if you do not already have one). The first payment covers the set-up costs and subsequent payments cover each full year your advert has been in the directory. You may cancel at any time and will owe nothing as partial years are not charged.

Join the Business Directory

Image adverts

IMAGE advert for £50 per annum*

  • Image adverts display on the left, right and at the middle bottom of key pages around the website

  • Each image, when clicked, will link directly to the advertiser's chosen web page

  • 5 ads will display randomly from our bank of advertisers - 1 on the left, 1 on the right and 3 at the middle bottom of the page

*There may be a cost attached to designing the adverts or you can supply your own artwork at no extra cost.

There will be no Pick the Joker on occasions when there is private hire in the hall